Emma Ballantine

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new website! I've finally flown the Facebook nest, and struck out into the unknown territory of the World Wide Web...

So this is it...I've arrived. I always wondered when I would know I'd arrived, and it turns out it's when you have letters after your name. I don't mean OBE, PHD or FRS, I mean dot com. It just feels good.

So now I've got my own little corner of the internet, what am I going to do with it? Well, firstly I'm going to post lots of interesting information on it. New songs, upcoming gigs, possibly some words of wisdom, hopefully nothing ill-advised after a few drinks - that kind of thing. You'll also be able to join my shiny new mailing list - and for those already on my mailing list, you'll now have a very sophisticated unsubscribe button to use if you want to (gulp).

I'm also going to be maintaining this blog of mine - letting you know what I'm up to and reviewing the odd gig (if you hear of any good ones, let me know). Should be fun!

12.56am 29th Jan 2012