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The final Somebody's Story track is out!

Hear how the final track on the EP came together

Six months ago I posted a video asking people to send me their true stories, and now at last, the EP they inspired has been launched!

I'm so excited for you to hear the four tracks as a set, and to hear the brand new one released today: Through Your Eyes.

The final story was sent to me by a mother called Nancy from Baltimore, whose son James has autism. The story she shared with me gave a wonderful perspective on how sometimes people with autism may have a deeper appreciation of the everyday beauty in the world than people without. You can read the story in full at www.somebodysstory.com/james.

She also sent me a link to his SoundCloud page, which was full of such unique and creative songs (listen here: https://soundcloud.com/jamesbgood/dont-bore-anyones-ears).

I knew I had to write his story. I wanted to write a track that would give people a little glimpse of the wonderful way he sees the world.

Then the idea came to weave James' own music into my track. I asked the producer he works with to send me the parts, and I wrote with the track in the background for inspiration.

In this way, I combined Nancy's story, with James' and my music to create Through Your Eyes - and of course, James was credited as a co-writer, making it his first official release!

This is the song we wrote, illustrated with images of James, Nancy and the things they do together https://youtu.be/tfRbtQ4rQI0.https://youtu.be/3KCYGLGTP7U.

I'm so excited that it's out there for people to hear!

Download Through Your Eyes on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/somebodys-story-ep/id1220059437?ls=1&app=itunes

1.16am 31st Mar 2017