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The story behind Somebody's Story

A note on the conversation that inspired my latest project

Lately I have had a few people ask how my latest project, Somebody's Story, began. The short answer is, it was prompted by a single conversation - and a decision to be a bit braver in how I make music...

A few months ago I was talking to a mentor I have been working with, Luc Floreani, about ideas for a new project to focus on. We got talking about embracing the fear and letting my friends and followers in on the creative process (rather than just sharing the record when it's completely finished - which is what I've tended to do so far). From this came a slightly daunting idea: what if I went a step further and involved you guys in creating the songs themselves??

This was the beginning of Somebody's Story and the beginning of a truly amazing experience for me as a writer. I posted a short video, and soon the stories began to come in - some of them serious, some lighthearted and all of them so inspiring. What had begun as a bit of an experiment began to gain momentum.

From then there were a series of strange coincidences... Meeting the wonderful Nancy, who happened to write for a book of collected stories and hearing her wonderful stories about her son James, who has autism... Finding out James was also a musician and getting inspired by his amazing music... Hearing about a relative who might want to shoot a video linked to the song... And last of all, discovering that the launch date for the new EP is on James birthday.

It has felt from the beginning that this project is just meant to happen, and I'm so excited to share the third track from the series next Friday (24th Feb). And don't forget, I'm still looking for stories! So if you have a tale to tell - either yours or someone else's - please do get in touch!

11.50am 17th Feb 2017