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Tipped by Glamour Magazine!

It was a bit of a special moment being tipped for 2016 along with The Staves and Lapsley

It's 12th February 2015. I am climbing an insane number of stairs in order to take my place for the Staves' hotly-anticipated show at Hackney Empire. I have had to abandon my broken-legged boyfriend due to the number of stairs and go with an able-bodied friend instead. Heartless, I know, but this is the Staves!

They are amazing, of course - unveiling the new, edgier sound of their Justin Vernon-produced album If I Was and even welcoming the man himself onstage for a surprise cameo. They shout out to all the Watford people in the audience, and I think of them sitting and writing just north of London before things took off for them, not so far away from my home in Stoke Newington.

At this stage my EP barely exists. I have recently returned from Monnow Valley with a whole heap of rough recordings that need sifting and mixing. I have only completed one UK tour and have three more yet to go this year. There are five months of hard work, touring and promotion ahead of me before my new record is out in the world and in the charts. I feel a very long way away from the three people singing for me - and not just because of the five flights of stairs!

Given where I was then, it was frankly an honour to be listed yesterday by Glamour Magazine as 'One to Watch in 2016' along with The Staves, Lapsley and a host of awesome acts. Some will undoubtedly be playing the main stages as next years' festivals; others, like me, will be making their debut; but to be considered in the same breath as them was an amazing feeling. It made me realise a lot has happened this year! And I can't wait to see what the next one brings.

7.17pm 29th Dec 2015