Emma Ballantine

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The Next Big Gig

Rounding off the year at The Barfly!

The Barfly is one of those venues I've wanted to play for a very long time.

When I first moved to London and began playing my first open mics, I remember quietly putting it on my long term wish list, and I've spent many a gig there watching up and coming acts and wondering whether I'd get to perform behind the same microphone.

Since then several iconic London venues have sadly closed but the Barfly remains - upholding Camden's longstanding reputation for nurturing and promoting new talent.

I was in Camden for a gig at Proud just last Saturday, entertaining a room full of rain-soaked listeners as they sheltered from the London weather. The area is often talked about by Londoners as a bit of a 'tourist trap', but the people I spoke to afterwards were music fans from all over the world, and I was proud to be able to say first hand that Camden's live music scene is very much still alive and well!

Next month I will finally get my wish and play my first gig at the Barfly. I'll be supporting up and coming artist Fred Light to mark the launch of his latest EP and I'll be joined by the band - making it my biggest London gig this side of Christmas. To mark the occasion I will also be performing some new material written since my EP launch at The Bedford earlier this year - which I can't wait to share with everyone!

So if you're only able to come to one gig for the rest of this year, and you're anywhere near London, this is the one to come to. You will not only be supporting one of London's best small venues - you will also be helping an independent artist make the most of a very long-held ambition.

2.32pm 26th Oct 2015