Emma Ballantine

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Hitting the road!

It's about time for a UK tour...

Since I first moved to London five years ago, much has happened. I've formed a band, launched an EP, and made my BBC Radio debut - just about juggling things with a time-consuming day job.

But this summer I decided it was time to go further afield. And when I suggested a tour to my followers on Facebook the suggestions rolled in, with recommendations in Portsmouth, Salisbury, Reading, Glastonbury and Bristol, to name a few.

So at long last I plucked up the courage to tell my boss I was cutting back on my hours... Cutting way back. I'm not sure he'd ever been faced with an employee looking to make time for a musical career, but he took it well and I left the office with at least two days per week freed up to spend gigging, writing and recording.

So the question is, how to spend them!? I'm in tour planning mode at the moment - emailing venues and firming up dates. If there are any corners of the country I might have overlooked - let me know!

12.34pm 28th Aug 2014