Emma Ballantine

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Dont Tell the Band!

May is the month of secret solo gigs...

Don't tell the band, but I'm doing a couple of sneaky solo gigs in May! The first is at The Water Rats on Monday 6th, the second is at The Alley Cat in Denmark Street on Monday 27th.

Both will be feature stripped-back, acoustic versions of the usual numbers, as well as some other songs that I don't play as often. I might even do the 'sit on a stool and emote with my guitar' thing that songwriters are meant to do occasionally... You'll have to wait and see!

Stool or no stool, I'm looking forward to dusting off some of the ballads that occasionally get elbowed out by the louder numbers. Get in touch now to request any song you feel has been unfairly neglected!

6.51pm 15th Apr 2013