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BBC 6 Music

Hello if you've just tuned in!

This is a post especially for any of the good listeners of BBC 6 Music who have just heard Unspoken Rules played on the BBC Introducing Mixtape show and have stumbled upon my page... Welcome!

[If you've come across this page some other way, then hello to you as well! The start of a new year seems as good a time as any to reintroduce myself!]

This is me - this is my music. Please do stick around and have a listen to the rest of the EP. Long before I started writing songs I was interested in poetry, and I hope a little of that love of words and images comes through in the lyrics.

The Flying Machine stands for many things, but mainly it stands for art - for creative ambition. The story of the man building his machine from nuts and bolts isn't so different from the songwriter who tacks together notes and chords. Both, if put together in the right way, can transport and uplift.

If you've felt even remotely moved or inspired by the songs, I hope you'll stay tuned. You can either sign up to occasional updates using the mailing list sign-up above, or you can find me on Facebook:


There are some exciting gigs coming up, and some new songs in the pipeline, so I look forward to keeping you posted! Here's a sneak preview of my next track in the meantime..,


11.37pm 13th Jan 2013