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For the record...

Finally getting round to the EP after a mere 12 years

As of the other weekend, I have 75% of an EP! (well, actually about 74% because there's a tiny little bit of mixing to do to the last track). This is a vast improvement on the 26% I had before Christmas, when the 'EP' was one track and a lot of album cover doodles. The new song, Unspoken Rules, will be on this very website before you know it!

The turning point was realising that I needed outside help (as it were). Acquiring some basic recording equipment last summer was exciting, and it helped me write Unspoken Rules in the first place (it makes it much easier to overlay to melodies), but I realised that if I waited around for my recording abilities to develop, I'd be the only 89 year old promoting their debut album (do correct me if I'm wrong, Internet).

This epiphany took me to West Finchley (where else?), and a friend with Logio software and a lot more experience. The results are over there on the sidebar ----> If all goes well, they will soon be on a Compact Disc too, hopefully scrawled all over with those doodles.

Encouraging as this progress is, it's pretty snail-like given that I wrote my first song at the age of 13. I mean, God, I'm averaging one decently recorded and mixed track for every four years of my songwriting career. At that rate the album will take me four decades! Hope you'll stick around for it...

12.13am 23rd Mar 2012