Emma Ballantine

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The final Somebody's Story track is out!

Hear how the final track on the EP came together

1.16am 31st Mar 2017

The story behind Somebody's Story

A note on the conversation that inspired my latest project

11.50am 17th Feb 2017

Second single premiered by For Folk's Sake!

And I'm on the hunt for more stories!

12.37am 29th Jan 2017

Second single premiered by For Folk's Sake!

New track Harmonise now available on iTunes and Spotify

8.51pm 28th Jan 2017

Somebody's Story single release: Secret Tunnel

Listen to the first track from the new EP!

6.51pm 16th Dec 2016

Through to the final!

Gearing up for the big performance on Sunday...

1.08am 27th Oct 2016

Introducing my new project,'Somebody's Story'

I'm making a new record...with a difference!

8.17pm 2nd Sep 2016

Festival Seasons is Here!

Gearing up for Glasto, Home Farm and Sidmouth...

2.31pm 19th May 2016

Deutschland here I come!

And footage from my recent gig at the Hard Rock Cafe

11.35pm 30th Mar 2016

A Thank You Letter

A few words to all those who've helped make this year so awesome!

11.51am 30th Dec 2015

Tipped by Glamour Magazine!

It was a bit of a special moment being tipped for 2016 along with The Staves and Lapsley

7.17pm 29th Dec 2015

The Next Big Gig

Rounding off the year at The Barfly!

2.32pm 26th Oct 2015

Tourist EP now available on CD!

Order physical copies of the new record over at Bandcamp

10.44pm 5th Aug 2015

The EP is out and in the charts!

But I could never have predicted which track would emerge as the lead single...

2.32am 26th Jul 2015

Tourist EP now available on iTunes!

New record due for release on 24th July 2015

5.59pm 11th Jun 2015

An artist abroad

Gearing up for my first international tour!

4.45pm 7th May 2015

Off to Monnow Valley...

And a spring tour too!

11.46pm 19th Jan 2015

Tour diary part two

The end of the road...for now!

1.34pm 10th Dec 2014

Tour diary part one

'Twas the night before...

5.32pm 1st Nov 2014

Hitting the road!

It's about time for a UK tour...

12.34pm 28th Aug 2014

Four kinds of failed song

With so many types of terrible, it's amazing anything ever gets written at all...

11.16am 5th May 2014

Influences: Alanis Morissette

The Christmas present that taught me music could be a little rough round the edges

2.39pm 18th Apr 2014

I'll build this all for you: a note on Flying Machine

One for all those who've ever asked what the song is about

1.42pm 23rd Mar 2014

Dont Tell the Band!

May is the month of secret solo gigs...

6.51pm 15th Apr 2013

BBC 6 Music

Hello if you've just tuned in!

11.37pm 13th Jan 2013

Christmas Decorations and other types of CD...

Plus two exciting gigs this month!

6.23am 12th Nov 2012

Flying Machine has launched!

At last the EP is out there

12.42am 14th Aug 2012

Making tracks

A sneak preview of the four songs on the EP!

10.46am 2nd Aug 2012

Singing in the Street

Nothing like a Jubilee jam to remind you what really matters

12.02am 6th Jun 2012

Cycles of Disappointment

The trials and tribulations of buying a looping pedal

11.39am 14th Apr 2012

For the record...

Finally getting round to the EP after a mere 12 years

12.13am 23rd Mar 2012

Sounds good

Location, audience, decor... all these matter when it comes to a music venue, but as my recent gig showed, getting the sound right matters most of all.

12.14pm 12th Feb 2012


Gearing up for my stint at one of London's most exciting small venues...

11.07pm 30th Jan 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to my new website! I've finally flown the Facebook nest, and struck out into the unknown territory of the World Wide Web...

12.56am 29th Jan 2012